Concealed Carry Permit Holder Killed, The One Reason Is A Lesson To Us All

concealed carry killed

In the early morning hours of Saturday, this past weekend, 55 year old William McKinley heard his dogs barking outside his Albuquerque, New Mexico home. He ventured outside to investigate the ruckus, and he would never return alive.

william mckinley

According to police reports, two thugs were outside McKinley’s home, tampering with his vehicle. McKinley confronted the thugs, no doubt young men who could have been President Hussein Obama’s sons had the bastard in chief had sons, and they stabbed McKinley, repeatedly, and he would soon die of his wounds. Obama’s would be sons were able to get away in a dark colored jeep.

McKinley’s daughter told reporters that her father had been a concealed carry gun permit holder, and she couldn’t understand why he didn’t take his gun with him when he went outside to investigate.

Hindsight is 20/20, and anyone can be a Monday morning quarterback after the game’s been played, but let us all use Mr. McKinley’s story as a lesson. There’s a reason we pack heat. It’s so we can blow holes the size of cantaloupes through Obama’s sons when they come around poking their noses where they don’t belong and then try to stab us when we tell ’em to get away from there. So, if you have it, pack it!

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The Giver
Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Vicky O’Dell

    sad if only he had taken his gun with him, let this be a lesson be for going out to investigate grab your weapon of any means for your protection.

  • Dennis the Menace

    There is no point in having a CCW if you do not carry anytime you walk out your front or back door. I am personally acquainted with several CCW holders who are rarely if ever armed. If you are not going to carry, why pay the license fees and class fees to obtain it in the first place. Just saying,

  • John Burleson

    My deepest sympathies to the family of William McKinley. But his murder will not be a needless loss to the intelligent among us. He will be remembered as the hero that finally brought Decent America, the Quivering Majority, to its feet in one combined roar. May the Creator hold you gently in the palms of his mighty hands while you heal and then lead you to that new day when you will celebrate the memories you have instead of grieving the loved one you lost. You are in my prayers.

  • Gregory H Velders

    That is part of my clothing , I Do Not leave home with out at least 1 of my weapons.

  • Radar Foxbat

    yea there has been several times I think it’s only a run to the store but then I spend about 15 more seconds thinking and I loosen my belt to put my 45 inside my belt. and I attach my 20meg batton stungun to the other side. just part of the required clothing thanks to Obama’s terrorist friends we have now.

  • 2broke4 her

    i dont have a CCW but when i got outside, when i hear noise not normal as in animal, I take my Colt 1911 ..great pistol at close range.. ammo, Winchester Silver Tip Hollow point .45

  • John Mullendore

    I have to agree with with the Giver, knowledge is power, but some learning you can’t get from a book. If you are going to carry, carry religiously, and shoot the damn thing.