‘Clock Boy’s’ Family Leaves Country, But Not Before NASTY Surprise For Texas

clock boy

Just when you thought you’d heard the most ridiculous crap in your life, re: all things clock boy, you find out you’re wrong, because now comes this.

It seems the young bomb maker in training and his family have left the U.S. (hopefully for good), but not before leaving one heck of a surprise for the great state of Texas. Was it another “clock” cleverly disguised as a bomb?


It was a threat of a $15 million lawsuit! No kidding!

From media outlet The Guardian:

The family of a Texas Muslim teenager arrested for bringing a homemade clock that was mistaken for a bomb to school demanded $15m in damages and an apology from the city of Irving and its schools to avoid a lawsuit, lawyers said on Monday.

The lawyers represent the family of Ahmed Mohamed, 14, a student who dabbles in robotics and attended a Dallas-area high school. His arrest in September sparked controversy, with many saying he was taken into custody because of his religion.

In separate letters to the city of Irving, located west of Dallas, and the Irving independent school district, lawyers said the ninth grader was wrongfully arrested, illegally detained and questioned without his parents.

The Mohamed family is asking for $10m from the city and $5m from the school district or they will file civil lawsuits within 60 days, the letter said.

“Understandably, Mr Mohamed was furious at the treatment of his son – and at the rancid, openly discriminatory intent that motivated it,” attorneys said in one of the letters.

The school district said in a statement its lawyers are reviewing the letter and will respond appropriately. City officials were not immediately available for comment.


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