Clint Eastwood Just Made A HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump!!!


Clint Eastwood has put his support behind Donald Trump. So much so that he will be out there speaking on his behalf this week in California, Arizona, and Nevada!

Trump has brought heat onto himself for his comments on illegal aliens. Eastwood , who lives in California, is from an area that has been devastated by the illegal immigrants in that state.

(Before It’s News)


  • John Smith

    I hope this is true. A celebrity of Eastwood’s stature and respect could smooth the way for other influential people to come out of the closet and support Trump and tell the ridicule police to get lost.

  • chuck norris may be next…..who knows.

  • Kyright

    Yes, Yes,Yes! Go Trump!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Like Clint Eastwood this is HUGE!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Love to add Ted Nugent to the list! Always knew Eastwood had a head on his shoulders.

  • mnphouka

    Love this!

  • Pat Cocivera

    Eastwood warned us that Obmass was going to be an empty chair way back when….

  • margie

    I’m glad that Clint Eastwood has come out for Trump. I think others will follow. There are plenty of “Hollywood types” that have come out for Hillary.


    Good for Mr. Eastwood.