Civilian Pilot Captures Video Of THREE Radar-Invisible Chemtrail Planes… Caught In The Act!

chemtrials spraying biological agents weather manipulation

People have been posting images and videos of “chemtrail” activity for some time.  The allegation is that the government is either seeding clouds or otherwise dumping chemicals into the atmosphere.  This video shows quite a bit of proof that there is something to these allegations.

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  • Paw Paw Simmons

    Hype, sheer hype,….an effective cloud seeding project would work almost immediately, a bioweapons project would be noticeable hours after the event, not days or weeks after the event. con-trails happen all the time at high altitudes with these types of jets,in fact with all kinds of jets. the higher they fly,the more efficient the planes are and the faster they can fly. don’t get your panties in a wad.

    • Jeff p

      With Obama in there yea right