City Council Removes Veteran Memorial, So Voters Remove Something Of Theirs

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The town of Knoxville City, Iowa just bowed down to Atheists. Spread this story far and wide if you have contacts in that town who can remove these cowardly council members from office during the next elections.

From Mad World News:

Cowardly city council members voted to remove a veterans memorial after the atheist-minority complained that it was “offensive.” So, voters gathered the very next day and made a decision of their own that has the city council regretting they ever bowed to political correctness.

On November 2, the Knoxville City Council of Iowa agreed that they would remove a memorial for fallen soldiers because atheists were outraged that it featured a Christian cross, signifying a headstone.

On Tuesday, only one day after the council voted to tear down the display, angry voters convened and voted that the gutless officials be removed from their positions.

City Council Removes Veteran Memorial, So Voters Remove Something Of Theirs

Breitbart reports that aside from some 2,000 white crosses erected in yards across the town, citizens had warned the city council that if they voted to remove the display, they would be removed as well.

Apparently, officials ignored the majority’s advice, a decision they know regret, and council members April Verwers, Carolyn Formanek, and David Roozeboom proceeded to vote in favor of eliminating the memorial.

The next day, Formanek and Verwers were voted out of office, and Roozeboom chose to forgo re-election, knowing that he would be removed as well. Neither Formanek nor Verwers garnered more than 15 percent of the vote.

City Council Removes Veteran Memorial, So Voters Remove Something Of Theirs

Resident Doug Goff was ecstatic over Tuesday’s turnout.

“I was extremely emotional,” Goff said, “because this cause is very deep to me and I felt like I have let people down. I’d like to send him the message that if you’re not going to listen to Knoxville, Knoxville’s not going to back you.”

This was not only a message to elected officials that Christians are the majority, but that they had better start listening to the people who elected them, the people who they have sworn to represent.

Our government is not to be composed of people who run their own agenda, or even people who think they “know what’s best” for the voters. For far too long, the government has acted as a voice of the offended minority, ignoring that they are directly offending the majority in the process.

It’s time to do as the people of Knoxville did, showing our elected officials that they work for us, and they’d better start listening to their constituency before they too are removed.

Photo Credit [The Federalist Papers, City of Knoxville Directory, Facebook]


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    I love good news stories.

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    How big is this town that they can organize and hold a recall election in just 24 hours or less. As sweet as this story is ………….

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      7300 people….certainly could be done, I looked it up. This is being reported on the city website as well

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    What man can conceive, man can achieve. Hoorah for the town.