Citizens In This City On A Drug Dealer Killing Spree- Mayor To Award Medals For Kills!

drug dealer killing death spree

Imagine if you will- the rampant drug problem in your city has gotten so bad that it’s afflicted the youth, the productivity of the adult population, and pretty much everyone and everything to where your wonderful little community has become a third world hell. It’s so bad, in fact, that the local Government has given permission to everyone to kill their neighbors if they know they are a drug dealer, AND the leader at the top promises each citizen a medal for carrying out such a killing.


A new sheriff (i.e. President) is in office as of late and his name is Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte was mayor of Davao City, on the southern most island of Mindanao for two decades, and though Mindanao is overrun with Muslim terrorists, drugs, and your typical third world peasant pieces of shit, who will steal anything that isn’t tied down, Davao City, during Duterte’s reign, was actually voted the safest city in the world for most of the years he ruled.

How can this be?

It’s easy!

While mayor of Davao, Duterte had a death squad. He knew that his ass backward, third world shit hole country was so far behind modern times as far as civility goes, that the only way to deal with illegal activity was to kill the offender. He knew he basically needed to commit ethnic cleansing among his own people and start over to have any chance of catching up with the rest of the non-Muslim, civilized world.

You see, in the Philippines, as in most third world dumps, money is God. They worship it. Nothing comes before it, because so few people have it. You can literally kill a man in the street, then pay a police officer ph 1,000 (about $22.50 U.S.) NOT to charge you. Or, if you are charged, you can typically pay the surviving family members of the man or woman you killed ph 20,000 ($450.00) to tell the police to drop all charges. Yes, that really is how much the third world peasants of the Philippines worship money.

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Anyway, Duterte recently became the new President of the Philippines in a landslide victory, because the people of the Philippines have had enough. They are sick and tired of being a crime ridden nation of third world peasants, and with such advancements in social media, like Facebook, the rest of the world knows their game. For decades the main way Filipinos made money was by scamming the West, be it through false charities, mail order brides (women who already had a Filipino husband, but took to chat boards, etc. to scam money out of half a dozen different Western men, leading them to believe there was going to be a relationship that never was), and just down right hacking, like recently, when hackers from a Casino in Manila pulled off the largest heist from the Federal Reserve in New York in history, stealing nearly $90 million from Bangladesh. Whereas they fooled the world into believing that “Filipino is so friendly,” they no longer can, and they must clean up their disgusting culture and actually work for a living to prosper, just like the rest of the world.

Last week, just after his inauguration, President Duterte went on television and pronounced that he would kill all drug dealers and addicts. He added, however, that there were so many, he could not do his job fast enough, so he encouraged the citizens of the Philippines to kill anyone they knew were drug dealers. He told them they would not be punished, and that they would actually be awarded a medal!

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As a result, up to 2,000 drug dealers a day have been turning themselves in to police, seeking protection by being locked up in prison. People in the West will lament that all of this is inhumane, but trust me, as this author knows from having gone to the Philippines in a previous career, if you’ve never seen how shitty things are in the Philippines, as far as the peasants and their “do what I want” attitude (these people literally piss in the streets on crowded sidewalks), then you have no room to talk. There are many wonderful people in the Philippines, and it’s time the majority of the people, who are not wonderful people, are being weeded out through cold, hard justice!

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