Chuck Norris Has A Plan That Is Pure Gold! See What It Is…Presidential Election!


Chuck Norris has a great idea for our next Presidential election. It has been used in the past, by Abraham Lincoln, but not since. Here is the plan; have the winner of the GOP party nomination pick his cabinet out of the others that are running for the office of President! This will give the country a cabinet that will be able to use the strengths of the individual candidates and that can be combined into a cohesive group. It will also give the country a cabinet that the people are vested in, instead of cabinet members that nobody knows.

This would put the Democrats in a corner, guaranteeing a win for the Republicans. A vote for one would be a vote for all. This would show a united front by the Republicans.



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  • Elaine

    I like it. A Trump-Cruz-Fiorina-Walker-Carson-Santorum-Graham-(etc.) administration sure would cure a lot of what’s ailing America … and that would be “liberalism”. It’s a disease.

  • Seldena

    I have always said this! Carly would be great as an Economics advisor, Carson head of the VA, Walker-Treasury, so much more. It would be great!!

  • AWB2

    I have been advocating this approach for the past year. The only difference would be to have all of these pretenders to the office get together and present the entire executive package to the convention and to the nation. If not at the convention, then within a month after the convention. Give the 17 or so the opportunity to work it out among themselves first. Let’s see if they will put the country first and their desire for the top seat second.

  • ssg Mac

    Obama will do any lying, cheating way to stay in the white house for a third term, even starting a war.