CHILLING Video Shows What Obama’s “Refugee” Plan Has In Store For America

obama's refugee plan

We all know that Muslims treat children as if they were less than human. Uncles marry their nieces as soon as they reach the age of menstruation. To avoid the “sin” of premarital sex with women who are not their wives, Muslim men will have pedophilia homosexual sex with young boys. This is no secret, though the mainstream media and the liberal, bleeding heart leftists don’t want these issues talked about in a world where political correctness takes precedence over the well being of children.

carving kids

Many people fear blowing us up at bus stops is the greatest threat we face in the U.S. by allowing the mongrel peasants from Syria, known PC wise as “refugees” into our great, peaceful nation. However, our children face grave living danger, namely a “right of passage” Muslims practice during the Muslim holiday of Ashura where they simply carve up their children’s head for no apparent reason other than to horrify them and make them bleed profusely. But hey, would you expect anything different from a culture that should have gone the way of the dinosaur during the last stone age?

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