Chilling 200-Year-Old Letter Predicts WW3 — Who It Involves Is TERRIFYING

ww 3

A chilling letter written 200 years ago is warning us of the upcoming third world war. It would be easy to laugh this warning off as a conspiracy theory, but it’s author, Civil War Army Captain Albert Pike, had also written two letters predicting the first two world wars with deadly accuracy.

Pike’s vision was pristine on the battle field, but it also flowed over to geo-political events. He accurately predicted the first world war, stating that the Russian Czars would be overthrown to bring in the advent of communism. He was right.

His second letter predicted the second world war. He stated in this letter that a Nazi regime would rise, and that the second world war would be required to snuff it out, and he said the fallout of this war would be that communism would spread even more, and that the state of Israel would become a sovereign nation, which would eventually lead us into World War III.

In his third letter, the one that is drawing so much attention now, he said that basically, there would be a great war between Israel and her allies against Arab Muslims. He stated that all of the world’s major players would be drained economically by this war, and that it would be the hardest to win due to the ideology behind the war. Even large percentages of the populations of the countries who are aligned with Israel would be in support of the enemy, the Muslims, because they would view the Muslims as victims of bigotry.

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The most frightening part? He claimed in his letter that the Arab Muslims would win the war and Islam would dominate the world, enslaving even those who came to its defense during the war and pre-war stages.

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  • Mike Davis

    Well he got 2 out of 3. But wrong about the last one. Second amendment will defend USA. over 10 million armed civilians will stop ANY threat

    • Paul Duca

      Fortunately, over 9 million of them are too drunk to shoot straight….

  • airstart

    He’d been listening to the same angel as Mohammad

  • David Madere

    They don’t have angels. This is a cult was made by man, no god involved. This man was a abuser of women and children so he invented a religion to hide behind which is really a cult.