What Chelsea Clinton Was Just Caught Doing Could DESTROY Hillary’s Campaign


Well, well, well…

It looks like Crooked Hillary didn’t just use her position as the Secretary of State of the U.S. to grease her pockets, but also to provide special favors to her daughter Chelsea’s friends.

Whereas the rest of us need to wait in line for visas and passports, it seems that if you’re friends with the girl whose mother is the Secretary of State, you get to go to the front of the line.

Online tabloid Mr. Conservative has relayed the following story about this direct abuse of authority from the Daily Mail:

The email was sent by Chelsea on January 22, 2012, under her alias Diane Reynolds.

She pasted in the email from her friend, apparently sent just six minutes beforehand when the time difference is taken into account.

‘Hey Chels – Cripes, I feel like such an idiot for managing to screw this up,’ the email reads.

‘I just didn’t think it would be an issue. Below is my ‘story’ and I have attached the letters of recommendation I had with me – any advice appreciated!

‘Can’t wait to see you – I still hope very soon .-)

‘Oh deary deary me…’ the sender continues, before signing off with ‘F xxx’.

The friend’s name is redacted, except for the initial in his sign-off, ‘F xxx’.

But DailyMail.com can reveal he is Freddie Sayers, a British citizen who is an Oxford graduate and contemporary of Chelsea when she studied at the university who once starred in a TV movie about Princess Diana.

He is now the editor-in-chief of YouGov, which on Thursday published a poll showing Clinton five points ahead of Donald Trump.

Sayers is also a friend of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and was seen with her on a night out in 2006. He was known in the past for his resemblance to her now husband, Prince William, and played him in a TV movie about Diana, Princess of Wales, made for a British channel in 1998.

He is now the editor-in-chief of YouGov, the polling company, which on Thursday published a poll showing Clinton five points ahead of Donald Trump.

Clinton’s aides’ help for the boss of a polling firm was unknown until the publication of the emails. The outcome of his visa application is not known.

The email exchange is problematic for the Clintons, who have been criticized for using their public status for private gain and accused of elitism.

Sayers emailed Chelsea just a week before he was supposed to board his flight to America – and the Clinton machine sprang into action.

Cheryl Mills, the chief of staff at the time, replied to Chelsea slightly over two hours later, agreeing to help.

‘Adding Nora who will likely reach out to [redacted] to see what is possible – generally rejections make it harder to get over so flagging that this may be hard to undo but we’ll see what’s doable,’ she writes.

Mills copied in Nora Toiv, then a special assistant to the counselor / chief of staff at the State Department, according to her LinkedIn profile. Toiv replies saying she will ‘see what’s possible’.

The email is yet another example of how the Clintons and their associates used their political clout to help those in their circle.


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