(Caution: PG-13) Once You Get This Infection, You Will NEVER Get Rid Of It… Want A Kiss?


This odd infection is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus… more commonly known as MRSA.  It is quite contagious and resistant to most antibiotics.  Once you get it, you will likely always have it.  The best way to avoid getting it is to avoid contact with infected areas on other people and animals.  I would DEFINITELY avoid kissing this poor lass.

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  • Kris97oneHappyWife

    OMG damn that looked like it hurt. Hope that he don’t get others like that. Take care

  • taz123

    Ive had it and had gotten it as a paramedic. Took 9 rounds of different antibiotics but you can get rid of it. You just gave to be consistent taking them.


    EVERYONE….EVERYONE…. has the MRSA bacteria in their system (usually in their
    nasal cavity) -along with many other bacteria. Every nurse, doctor or
    medical professional is aware of this fact. The problem is when a
    person’s immune system is compromised or out of balance — then the MRSA
    can proliferate and become a problem, and can be passed from person to
    person. Anyone with an open wound with this MRSA proliferation is a
    carrier. This is why we nurses wear gloves when dealing with MRSA
    Hyperbole -like this article, does nothing to help the public be aware. All it
    does is spread fearmongering. And sell sponsorship ads.

    • Rich Ramsey

      they seem to specialize in fear-mongering…laughable really!