Busted! We’ve Found Facebook’s Most Infamous Troll! The 17 Year Old Girl With No Friends!

17 year old girl

If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, then you’ve no doubt noticed Emily (sometimes Jessica, or some other name). That poor little 17 year old girl who lives in the US and has no friends. She wants you to send her a friend request and she promises she’ll send you some pictures.

Well, we found Miss Emily (or Jessica, or that other girl’s name). It turns out Emily and them are far from being 17 year old girls living in the US with no friends. We found her to be a 45 year old disgustingly obese man living in his mother’s basement, building up fake Facebook profile pages until they reach 20k fans or so, and then selling them for about $200.00 each to scamming and spamming blog owners who run story after story about drunk girls (perhaps named Emily or Jessica, or that other girl’s name) doing stupid things while drunk and wearing bikinis.

Sorry to call you out, Emily (or Jessica, or that other girl), but we’re all sick of you.

Go eat some more Twinkies! Twinkies are your friend, and it looks like you could use a few more!

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17 year old girl 2

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