BUSTED! Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!!! Case Closed!!!

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Watch the first incredible video that shows clearly there are two takes going on here. One shows the reporter nodding right before she gets shot but the gunman’s video footage doesn’t show the nod! The entire thing is FAKE! Alex Jones knows all about this evidence but he’s telling everybody it’s real so they can take your guns! Watch the video below to show the guns is proven as 100% FAKE! The father was an actor! They got sloppy and must now be exposed! Share this story with everybody on social networks and email lists. Once everybody knows they lied about this shooting they’ll never believe our fake news again! Never give up your guns no matter what!

If you’re watching the fake news on TV for anything but entertainment to see their lies, then you’re a fool. If you’re watching anybody like Alex Jones who says this shooting is real then you’re a fool! Support those who don’t censor anything!

Gun shown in the shooting is proven as a FAKE gun used in Hollywood.  The weapon’s recoil is not accurate, the fire coming out of the barrel is not consistent with real guns but with Hollywood prop guns.  There are no casing coming out of the gun!  Why is Alex Jones still telling his fans this is a real shooting? This is a great compilation video that shows the hoax!  Get this information out to everybody you know and post to all social networks, groups, twitter and email lists.  It’s time to hack the matrix and wake up the masses!

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Gun used in Virginia Shooting is FAKE!  


by secretsofthefed.com