BUSTED!!! US General – Doctored Photos Reveal Missile Hit Pentagon on 9/11 Not A Plane!!!


This is one of those videos that will wake up many out there because I’ve seen it myself.! When I showed his interview to a close friend who always believed the “official” story, her eyes got wide and the rusty gears finally began to turn! There is something quite powerful when a US General gives the evidence on why the official story on 9/11 is a fairy tale!

(Before It’s News)

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  • Mike Davis

    Thats right we can always Believe the US government. They would never hide anything or have ulterior motives? Never told the USA about WWII concentration camps until After the war. Made their own C Camps for Japanese and Italian citizens.Yes you can always trust big brother not to monitor phone calls or do facial rec on all citizens . or abide by the US constitution.

  • SCBorn

    Yes I guess the planes flying into the world Trade centers were also doctor. BTW how do they doctor that on live TV? You people want to believe it was all GWB and Cheney that wanted a war. So, if they were doctored, then where are they people that were suppose to be on those planes? Look up the families and see if they are living or did the government take them to a field and off them….you want a real truth? This idiot in the Whitehouse, is trying to destroy this country from within. Almost 10 Trillion dollars added to our debt in 8 years!!!! I know you Socialist out there saying good, but show me where it has worked….somewhere.

  • strubbiedoo

    And didn’t they just doctor the 911 tapes from the Orlando shooter??? Can’t trust anything form those in power!