Busted! Crisis Actor “Emotionally Distraught” At Charleston Shooting!

cnn crisis actress

CNN, the Hussein Obama Administration’s favorite puppet media outlet has long been known to sport ‘crisis actors and actresses’ at the staged, false flag events they orchestrate in order to come along later and take away more of our Constitutional rights.

The girl above, who’s been three different people at three previous crises already, was allegedly spotted again at the Charleston shooting. This report comes from a media anchor, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensativity of the situation, who claimed he actually caught the photo himself before it went to print, and alerted higher ups that the jig would be up, for too many people had already seen this same crises actor. The photo was retracted from the melee.

Even more outrageous, is that some are speculating the shooter may have actually been not only a cries actor, but a Marine, perhaps carrying out the acts as directly ordered to due so under the new Operation Jade Helm.

CNN specializes in crisis actors, but as you will see in the video below, they too often get caught doing so, as they have again.


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  • Terry Torres
    • JT1

      This collage makes absolutely no sense.

  • Ced Truz

    Worst. Video. Ever.

    • Someone might care what you thought if you used your own pic and name.

      • JT1

        Hahaha, right?!

  • Randall261

    This is such bullshit! along with the so-called Sandy Hook Conspiracy you people really should be ashamed!

  • jthibault

    There is nothing on this guy John CHristian Graas on IMDB.

  • Randy

    There is no way a Marine would follow such orders. If that IS a “crisis actor” ? whats her name ?

    • Shakeymclovin

      Timothy McVeigh

  • marlio

    The girls looks like the same person to me in all the photos. I;m sure actors were used in all of the incidents.

  • Leah Danes

    Bunch of whacked out conspiracy theory nut jobs.

  • There is a new picture of Paris, 13/11 with the same girl ???