BREAKING: What Top Scientists Just Exposed About Michelle Has Barack In PANIC MODE

top scientist Michelle Obama

Like her husband, B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President and and worst President in U.S. history, Michelle “The Mooch” Obama LOVES to waste tax payer’s dollars.

Not only does The Mooch like to spend millions of tax payer’s dollars on extravagant vacations, such as the one she’s taking at Martha’s Vineyards at the time of this writing, but she’s spent a butt ton of tax dollars on her school lunch initiative over the past several years, only to end up with food that looks like this:

michelle obama lunch sucks

The Mooch decided she’d try to tack the issue of childhood obesity in America by over-vamping the entire lunch program for the public schools in America. However, a researcher from Virginia Tech has just concluded that The Mooch’s school lunch initiative has actually contributed to MORE childhood obesity in America.

Researchers studied 21,000 public school children and found that not only was the diet that The Mooch has put them on a terrible diet, but that the longer the children remain on the diet the worse off they are going to be. Students in the Northeast, the South and in rural areas were affected the most.

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