Breaking Video Released Of Insane White Cop Unloading His Gun On Car Load Of Unarmed Black Teens


A shocking dashcam video has just been released showing a Chicago cop, of Caucasian persuasion, unloading on a car filled with six unarmed black teenagers. One of the children was hit in the shoulder, and as could be imagined, the rest were scared out of their wits.

The cop, Marco Proano, pulled the kids over for speeding, then jumped out of his car and simply unloaded on them, as can be seen in the video below. A judge, Jonah Newman, decided to release the video to the public only two days ago, on the very day of the shooting at a South Carolina church that claimed nine lives, because he said it was the most grisly crime he’d ever seen and the public had a right to see it for themselves. The shooting took place in December of 2013, but again, the video has only now been made public.

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