Breaking! U.S. Middle School Sends Students To Obama’s Favorite Prison- Tear Gases Them- EMS Called In!


You’ve probably heard of the Federal Prison in Thomson, Illinois. The Federal Government recently bought it, and it’s the prison that U.S. President Hussein Obama wants to send the prisoners from Gitmo to so that he can achieve his ultimate goal of emptying Gitmo. Yes, he’d rather the worst terrorists in the world be on OUR soil, than on an island 90 miles off our coast.

It appears today that a local middle school in the area decided to take their 7’th graders to the prison on a field trip. What the geniuses at the school board didn’t know was that the prison guards were having a poisonous gas drill at the prison today. After several students became very nauseous and began showing major symptoms of being poisoned, EMS was called in to deal with the situation. Here’s the post from the superintendent of schools for that county on Facebook:


Parents, if your child has a field trip this year, you’d better triple check to see just what in holy hell is going on with the trip. Do NOT leave your child’s safety up to a public school system which gives participation trophies and thinks Common Core is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

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