Breaking! Undeniable Proof The United Nations Is Supporting ISIS!


News has just broken that the United Nations is sending in a rescue team to save the lives of nearly 2,000 Islamic terrorist fighters made up of ISIS and Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s offshoot  in Syria. The terrorists are currently pinned down by the Syrian Army in the southern part of the city of Damascus.

This news has shocked many, as no one can understand why the United Nations would back 2,000 terrorists and actually help them escape. They’ve been pinned down for approximately six weeks, and have only recently run out of ammunition and food. Instead of surrendering to Syrian authorities, they are being transferred BY U.N. BUSES, out of the hot zone so they can go on and fight another day.

The U.N. is justifying this rescue by saying there is something in it for the side of good in that the terrorists must “turn over their heavy armaments to the United Nations.” Okay, lest we forget, that’s heavy armaments that was given to them by U.S. President Hussein Obama, to fight the Syrian regime, and also, they are allowed to keep their small arms, such as AK-47’s and any M-4’s also given them by Hussein Obama.

So, instead of allowing the Syrian regime to go in and finalize victory over 2,000 terrorists, the United Nations comes to their rescue so they can all live to fight another day.

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