BREAKING! Un-Freaking Believable News! U.S. Justice Department Files Suit Against Most Racist City In America!


Okay, the jury is still out on exactly what is going on here, as far as who the U.S. Justice Department is accusing as being racist, but they have just announced the filing of a HUGE lawsuit against the most notorious city in America!


News just broke that Hussein Obama’s Justice Department has filed suit against the city of Ferguson. However, it appears it may be merely an extension of the war on cops in America, as the suit is stating ‘unjust policing policies.’

From Good Morning America:

The Justice Department has filed a federal lawsuit against Ferguson, Missouri, after the city rejected a deal that would have brought sweeping changes to its embattled police department, which allegedly engaged in “racially discriminatory policing.”

The lawsuit, announced Wednesday by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, alleges a pattern or practice of law enforcement conduct that violates the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, as well as federal civil rights laws and says the citizens there “have waited decades for justice.”

It seems Hussein’s administration is completely ignoring the racist actions of protesters burning down half the city and shooting at cops and National Guardsmen.

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  • Scooter Tramp

    Not stopping riots is racist?

    • billwhit

      And if they were stopped, it would also be Racist! Remember, this is Queen B. Hussein Obama, the 3rd World Homo Muslim and his worthless ilk we are talking about here!

  • William Kananen

    But Ferguson is ruled by democrats.

    • George Ennis

      so is chicago and baltimore…..see the pattern?

  • Douglas DeViney

    Attention to it brought on by a battered cop, defending himself from a very large felon.

  • billwhit

    More stupidity from our Queen in Chief and his Racist DOJ Skank, Lynch! Just look at all cities ruled by Democrats the last few decades! They are all epic failures! Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, LA, DC, and so many, many more, nothing but Failures! We could divide our nation right down the middle, Right and Left, with the same resources, backing, infrastructure, everything starting out the same for both sides and within ten years, the Left side would be begging the Right side for help, they would be completely Failed with most of their citizens sitting on their butts wanting Freebies! That is how Democrats stay in power, by buying votes with promises of Freebies, which are paid for by working taxpayers! That is why our Founding Fathers gave us a Republic, not a Democracy! TRUMP/AMERICAN PATRIOTS 2016!

  • Mary Curry

    They filed this lawsuit because the Mayor of Ferguson refused to enroll it’s police in the BHO plan to nationalize all the police in the country and turn them into his own gestapo.

  • breed41

    every business owner who had property destroyed should file suit against city for non protection

  • Some Poor Hobo

    >choke< oops coffee just squirted out of my nose.


    just glad that i don’t live there

  • AvgGIJoe

    Is there a good home for sale in Ferguson? I know a family that may want to move there next January 20th? The father is a former community activist in Chicago. He’ll straighten Ferguson out just like he did in Chicago.