BREAKING! U.S. City On Fire After Night Long Fire Fight Between Police And Black Lives Matter Terrorists!

city on fire

The domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter have escalated their Hussein Obama backed war on police in America, and last night, while you slept, not a single police officer in this U.S. city got a wink of sleep as they battled the terrorist thugs all night long, with shots fired left and right and a portion of the city being burned to the ground!

It all started when police shot and killed a man who was in the commission of a crime and who would not surrender and posed an apparent threat to the responding officers.

Gee, strange how that works, isn’t it? The police tell you to put your hands up and don’t move, and you’re a-okay- but if you choose to resist, you just might end up dead?

The incident happened in Milwaukee, and after the 23 year old criminal, who happened to be black, was gunned down, the domestic terrorists of BLM took to Facebook to spread the word, and from there, it was if a black wave of humanity descended on the location where the criminal thug was put down, no doubt saving tax payers money for his “free” legal fees that would only amount to him being back on the streets in no time to commit more crimes sooner than later.

The mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barret, said that at least four businesses were burned to the ground overnight, but we’re sure they were not the liquor store, the next day pay loan office, or the welfare department. He also said several police cars were set on fire and bricks and large rocks were chucked through the windows of any police cruiser that responded to the scene.

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B. Hussein Obama could not be reached for comment.

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