Breaking! Two Of Obama’s “Refugees” Arrested In U.S. For Terrorism!!!


Well, well, well! Those of us who were allegedly just “scared of widows and orphans” were right AND vindicated, as two refugees were arrested on Thursday in not one, but two separated cities in the U.S. on terrorism charges!

The U.S. Justice Department has reported that Sacramento, Texas resident Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab was arrested on charges of making a false statement involving international terrorism. Al-Jayab, in the past, has traveled to various parts of the Middle East to fight along side terrorists in Al Qaeda and ISIS, giving it his best efforts to kill non-Muslims and Americans, and lied to immigration officials when seeking “refugee” status when entering the United States! Al-Jayab, it seems, has been a terrorist his entire life, having been born a Palestinian in Iraq and traveling to Syria to fight with his fellow extremists. Al-Jayab was supposedly “fully vetted” like the rest of Hussein Obama’s refugees before entering the U.S., yet he made it through the broken system anyway.

The other evil doer is Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, ironically also a Palestinian born in Iraq. Al Hardan actually came to the U.S. back in 2009 under the “refugee” program and was granted full citizenship in 2011. He has been providing material support to ISIS in Syria, and traveled there to help the terrorists with bomb making as recently as 2014.

The FBI credits the arrest of these two evil doers to the vigilance of Patriotic Americans who did not fear being labeled racists or Islamaphobes by blowing the whistle on what they viewed as Muslims from the Middle East who had hateful attitudes toward America and Americans. These brave citizens’ guts were telling them these two maggots were up to no good, and they contacted the FBI, and it turns out they were right. The FBI is encouraging all Americans to contact them if they feel their “refugee” neighbors are up to no good, even if their hunch is wrong.

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