BREAKING: Trump Names His Vice President

Trump names VP

People have been wondering since the great race began who Donald J. Trump, so far by FAR the presumed Republican Presidential nominee would name as his vice-presidential pick.

Recently, many have speculated that it would be Dr. Ben Carson, as Carson pulled way ahead of the rest of the pack of Republicans, though he’s since fallen back a bit in the past two weeks and he NEVER even came close to Trump, but alas, it appears it will not be Dr. Carson, after all.

According to media outlet Mad World News, Trump has chosen Texas Senator Ted Cruz to be his vice-presidential running mate. So far, Cruz has attacked Trump the least among all the candidates. Not only is this because Cruz is seemingly more professional and less immature than the others, especially Rand Paul, but also because Trump and Cruz actually agree on most of the issues. The only issue the two seem to be quite divided on is immigration, but most of the country, except the American citizens themselves, seem to be distancing themselves from Trump’s aggressive immigration plan which includes banning all Muslims from entering the U.S.

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  • Patricia Weidl

    Trump will never be President.

    • Vanessa McCarty

      Trump is who we need to help save us Americans

    • Rocco LoCascio

      Pat are you a transvestite or is that a bad picture of you. Also he will be President GO TRUMP

      • Patricia Weidl

        Typical Trump supporter,rude & obnoxious, like him.

    • Brock Johnson

      I got news for you all the models predicting presidential outcomes including the one that has been wrong once since it started in 1918 predict Trump for the next president so libtards and fake republicans might as well deal with that fact. Trump will be a triumph for this country compared to killary or Bernie the socialist sanders. Personally his aggressive immigration policy is one of the main reasons I will vote for him. It time Americans put themselves first we police the world abroad, but at home we need everyone to understand you’re an American no asian american not african american or anything else you are either an American, in the country legally, or need to go home. If you can’t accept just being an American and want a special name with special treatment then go back to Asia or Africa or anywhere else.

      • Antoinne Patton

        Brock someone else thinks like me thats my stand. I served this country.Everywhere i went they
        only ask?? Are you a American?? this is the only country that still care about race.Most Americans have been here at least 4 Generations, so People wake up We are all AMERICANS

      • Rick Ketcham

        Semper Fi Trump all the way

    • Terry Hughes

      ya think?

  • davidsunkle

    YES , He Will. Carson as Surgen General. Still not sure about Vice President Yet. West could be good. No Bush or

  • Jim Hull

    if cruz would accept the V.P. position, i think it would be an excellent move. provided he didn’t WIN the BIG prize, and they could work together.

    • Derek Thomas Lirio

      Cruz is not gonna win. I would support a Trump Cruz presidency. But Trump should be the lead, that being, the president.

    • Billy Shahan

      they would fight like hell during Trumps full tenure…. too much bad blood……..Christy does need to be appointed AG….. Carson should be appointed over health…. Alan West needs to be in the mix Just to name a few and last but not least Jeb Bush for Court Jester…..

  • DWontheplains

    I like Cruz for V.P. He would be a welcome reference of the Constitution for Trump. We do need Trump for president for the economy, trade, jobs and growth. First clean out all of the deadwood in Washington D.C. There are thousands of people that draw checks and don’t even show up for work. We don’t need the waste. Get accountants together and audit every agency!

  • trigger2372

    Fake, fake, fake

  • jamie

    Well they said if Trump became president 25% of federal workers would quit. I wonder if that number would increase if Cruz became VP by his side. Oh what a win all the way around. A lot of the things Trump wants to get done, Cruz should be able to help him get it done even faster knowing the ins and outs of Washington already. I’m sure Cruz would accept the position as VP, after Trumps 8 years it almost guarantees hims next in line. That all is providing Trump does the job we are all hoping he does.

    • Derek Thomas Lirio

      You actually believe they’d quit? C’mon, that’s apparently, the new age American negotiation tool. Give me what I want, or I’ll kill myself. I’ve managed many companies in the past, and every single time someone has told me that if they don’t get their way they’ll quit, I pick up my phone and call their replacement. Surprise, I called them on their BS, and they backed off.

    • Billy Shahan

      Jamie … I agree but there is just too much Bad Blood during this ongoing battle and it will get even worse by July they would not be able to work together……. although together they would be unstoppable…

  • Thomas Pyke


    • david macdiarmid

      that is why we want him to be our president


        You are a child predator you sicko

        • david macdiarmid

          You appear to be rather sicko yourself. Caused me to check your profile,… appears that you were funny and normal guy 3 years ago, but since, you have become very, very dark. You should read your past writings and then read your last 6 months. That you have gone from a full vocabulary to using just a dozen foul words. You have become angry and lash out when you do not understand. You are sometimes “out-of-context” w/your venom. You need to see a doctor. I think that you are entering Mid-stage dementia or are finishing the 2-year meth cycle


            see you are stalking my page sicko leave the young ones alone weirdo


            Stop messing with kids sicko!

  • John Knecht

    Trump/Cruz 2016 and 2020. By 2024 Cruz will be ready and hopefully the two of them can clean the corruption out of DC and give We the People and the States their power back by then, and get the debt under control. If 25% of the federal employees quit when they get elected, that would be great too. Those are the 25% who realize the gravy train is over, and they can sit in the unemployment lines for years because lobbying jobs will be few and far between. I can dream can’t I?

  • NY


  • Steve Holsten

    I was hoping for Huckabee. Mike is as honest as the day is long!

  • robert cane

    Terrible choice, Don’t believe this. You’ve got some screwed up sources.

  • msmaria

    trump has not banned all muslims.. he wants them vetted first, and then allow them in our country.

  • yakimaal

    I hope Supreme Court seat for Cruz.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Good choice!

  • miguel thecreditor

    no the Mob bossess gonna make Trump take Kasich or Romney as VP at convention

  • Scott Hanford

    Big mistake. If Trump gets the nomination, Texas is a lock for republicans. We need Florida and Ohio, and Rubio is too immature for the job. John Kasich would be the best choice by FAR

  • OzCop

    So, we are guessing…since this is rumor, not fact…It could still be Carson…that would be winning ticket in my opinion since this could bring in part of the black and Hispanic vote…

  • Kristine Rollins

    Perfect pair-got my vote. It the best team strong,smart and full of American Pride.hope this is a true statement/arrival.

  • catlady12

    Trump Cruz Carson surgeon general and west over the military.

  • Edward Enes


  • Barbara Yeager

    well, if this is true, Trump would lose my vote, Cruz is not eligible and Trump and Cruz know it.

  • oregonpilot

    This has got to be like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing how much sticks from some website. I don’t very much think Trump would pick Cruz. There are too many ideological differences between the two and I don’t think Cruz’s agenda would line up with Trump’s. For one thing, Cruz is a believer in the Globalist/ CFR/ Neocon agenda which is antithetical to what Trump believes (or, what I think Trump believes). Trump is more a “Objectivist” Capitalist and Cruz is a ‘big government’ top down kind of guy. Just check his votes on the budget, TPP, NAFTA and control of immigration. A definition of “neocon”: If you look, both Cruz and Rubio fit the description, not Trump. Also, I think there would be too much friction between the two for them to ‘play well’ together. Cruz would be off the reservation in a heartbeat.

  • Terry Hughes

    damn, look at the fish you caught lol

  • kay

    no one chooses a VP till they are at least nominated but would be a great choice

  • cathy herford

    i think curz would make donald a good vp

  • DC Murphy

    DC Murphy, retired SFPD seems to have the packing for the VP position under the Donald….Hail to the next Commander in Chief, Donald trump fo president 2016!

  • Larry Nicholas

    i absolutly hate cruz but as a vip is almost a figure head and cant do much i guess id accept it if i had too

  • Billy Shahan

    Trump needs a strong politically smart VP but Cruz is not it…. maybe Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas or Mike Pence of Indiana or possibly Susanna Martinez of New Mexico…. she would destroy the dems on Hispanic votes and she supports the wall…….

  • Elisabeth Dunagan

    LEGAL Americans want immigration stopped including the muzlims

  • Theoline Isaacson

    Do not care for Cruz

  • Aaron Cissell

    If he gets any ANY politician as VP bet your ass Washington will Kennedy his ass so they can have one of their flunkies back in control,, He needs to find someone like minded to help him because none of those thieving traitors are going to.. If he wins everybody in this country needs to look around their hometown to find people they know are trustworthy, so We The People can take back congress as well as the White House it’s going to take all of us as Americans, They have got us at each others for a reason and if people can’t see that well your the sheep they want,, I want my country back….

  • You have to be kidding!

  • SosayU

    Well he couldn’t do worse. Most the field was a good bunch of people. Key is to beat the hell out of Killary Klit ton.

  • Gayle Hammen

    Trump keep the immigration plan on track!!!! NO amnesty

  • Dennis Crawford


  • Michael Hagen

    Cruz said that he would support Hilliary over Trump I doubt very much that Trump has choosen Cruz as VP.

  • Debra R

    This is a joke right!!!! I sure hope Trump dosent pick Cruz!!! Cruz hates Trump and Trump dislikes cruz!!!! I don’t believe this story!!!

  • getreal5

    good choice but the issue of citizenship must be resolved. they did it for imam zero.

  • Dennis Crawford

    no on lying cruz