BREAKING! Top Fox News Host To Be Fired- You’ll Be LIVID When You See Why!


They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well, nearly one hundred million people beheld Crooked Hillary “Killary” Clinton in her debate against our next President, Donald Trump, last week, and that means that nearly one hundred million people around the world got a good look at what beauty isn’t! It’s not a 70 year old grandmother who doesn’t have an honest bone in her body!

It’s okay for us “peasants” in the peanut gallery to state the obvious, that Crooked Hillary was far less than attractive that night, like usual, but lo, if a professional news caster states the obvious, his or her job becomes jeopardized. More proof that in American society, truth has become the new hate speech.

Online media outlet Mr. Conservative is reporting that Fox News anchor Brit Hume is very close to losing his job at the network for remarks he made about Hillary’s physical appearance. Watch the clip in question below and see if you think there was anything at all wrong with what he said.

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The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Rhonda Hodges

    Fox news is about to lose more and more of their viewers for action they have been taking lately.

  • Montana Wilma

    I always knew Fox News was exactly like CNN, MSNBC and all the other corrupt media stations, I was waiting for the rest of America to see and realize it. SO we the people have no half way truthful MSM to go to for information, they are ALL rigged and in cahoots with the dictatorship machine that is about to takeover in a massive way our once great America.

  • Tx Tina

    He is the best…Do not let the liberal children of owner fire him!

  • MildBill

    ALL THE SIGNS POPPING UP EVERYWHERE ON FOX. . . . Just like Donald Trump came out of necessity, so shall a TRUE conservative network, owing to none, bound only by truth !

  • Michael P. Morgan

    I understood that Hume had retired and came back at the behest of Mgt. to replace Greta. Don’t really think, as this stage of his life, that he needs Fox.

    • Mary Katherine Hicks

      He came back as a temporary replacement for Greta. They are not firing him. geeez….people will believe anything.

  • Susan Bish

    You know, I can handle truth, I mean I’m a fairly honest person, so I like it when people are honest with me. I don’t appreciate being lied to. I’ve noticed that Fox News is getting just like CNN, MSNBC and those other stations. If it wasn’t for Brit Hume, Hannity, and Judge Pirro I wouldn’t even bother watching that station. If I were them, I’d leave those people who are trying to be honest with the people alone and go after those that are lying through their eye teeth because the liars are the ones that are screwing it up for their station!!!!