BREAKING: Thug Who Shot Cop 7 Times In Face ARRESTED, Here’s Why The Media Is SILENT…

thug shoots cop in face

Oh, how the media loves to play the race card any time a white cop shoots an unarmed black criminal while in the commission of a crime. But let an armed black thug criminal, shoot and maim or kill a cop, and there’s a total media blackout.

25-year-old Officer Christopher Dorman, a police officer in Folcroft, Pennsylvania, was shot seven times in the face by a released convict only days ago, and you are not hearing anything about it on the news. Not only because the shooter, Donte Brooks, is black, but also because he is a Muslim, who goes by the cult name of Abdul Wahi.

Another officer responded to the scene, and Brooks, AKA Wahi shot at him as well, but he missed, and Wahi was shot and taken down. He’s currently being held on a one million dollar bond, but still, it’s not in the news.

Brooks, AKA Wahi, is a career criminal who specialized in drug deals. It’s been rumored that he is one of tens of thousands of “non-violent crime” offenders who was released under U.S. President Hussein Obama’s directive to free prisoners being held for “drugs only.”

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  • fahkir1

    Time to remove the media as well as the blacks and muslimes from America.

  • justus1

    the media are just lap dogs for the PC people and the liberal/socialist Democrats. they helping to destroy this country and are actively promoting it. it is time for them to pay for their traitorous actions.

  • Robert Niles

    The Snakes are in Charge !!!

  • Teri Nealand

    Time to start a new media and get all this stuff up front and in their faces. G.d dammed hypocrites who hide behind “paid” murderers and thieves. I would love to see these bigots – blm and the rich black guys behind them really get their comeuppance!!!! Dear God, these people are becoming just like pack animals. My apologies to all good people of any color.