BREAKING! This Is How They Are STEALING The Election From Trump In Ohio!

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If you are in Ohio and you have not voted yet, or you know someone in Ohio who has not voted yet, PLEASE make sure they see this before going to the polls!

This is how they are stealing the election from Donald Trump in Ohio!

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You must check both boxes on the ballot in Ohio if you are voting for Trump, or your vote does NOT count!

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  • Steve Brown

    Do you have to check two boxes for Kasich too ?

  • Nick Gene Christopoulos

    well congrats… stupid post.. i am un liking your page…carry on with your crap

  • Roger

    Why are there names on the ballot that have already dropped out?

    • Christine Miller

      there were names on the Illinois ballot of people who already dropped out too

  • Mike Davis

    The party machine in OHIO is similar to Washington. All the lobbyists and capitalists are corrupt and stealing for years. They have perfected the primary system, Just like NY to do want they want. Trump or anybody else never had a chance. The steal was on.

  • PJ1193

    And Democrats can vote in the Republican primary in Ohio…. Ohioans do not declare a party when they register to vote; so they can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

    • Brute Woman

      Yes we do declare a party, they even asked to make sure you say what you’re registered as…

      • PJ1193

        Just read an article that says you don’t declare when you register, I would assume you would declare at the polling station so you would get the correct ballot

  • SafetyDave


  • Gin pj

    Is that how Kaisch won today?

  • justus1

    it had to be the way. why would you vote for this guy? he can’t win anything so why waste your vote on Kasich? Ohio always seems to have voter count problems. they have even had people prosecuted for voter fraud, I believe in the 2008 election. Kasich is being funded by George Soros. what are you people thinking?