Breaking! Terrorists Attacking Military Bases Inside U.S.! Two Shot!


Is it as false flag attack? Angry American citizens, common criminals, or members of ISIS? The truth is not yet out, but the fact remains, that a military base in the South, in Jade Helm territory, has come under gunfire attack on this day, 15, June, the unofficial new kick off date forĀ Operation Jade Helm 15. As reported by

JACKSONVILLE, AR – The Little Rock Air Force Base has been placed on lockdown after a shooting at the front gate on Vandenberg Drive.
In a news release issued just after 10:30 a.m. Monday, base officials said two individuals had been taken to the hospital after an active threat occurred at around 9:15.
The Jacksonville Police Department told reporter Drew Petrimoulx at the scene that they believe the individuals tried to gain access to the base and were shot.
The base has currently locked down all entry control points to the installation and the base’s gates are closed to inbound and outbound traffic until further notice.
First responders for the base are on-scene coordinating with Jacksonville Police Department and the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, the release continued, adding that the safety of base members and their families are of base leaders’ utmost concern.
The extent of the injuries to those wounded is not yet known.
Original story (9:45 a.m.):
JACKSONVILLE, AR – One person has been shot and another is in police custody after a Monday morning incident outside the main gate of Little Rock Air Force Base.
That’s according to the Jacksonville Police Department.
On its Facebook page, officials with the base posted the following around 10:15 a.m.:
ANNOUNCEMENT: Base security personnel are responding to an incident at the base gate. All base gates are currently closed to traffic. All personnel and visitors are advised to stay away of the from the main gate area until further notice.
The extent of the wounded person’s injuries is not yet known.
More information to come.
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  • Steve Harless

    funny you dont see this report on The Mainstream media

    • Patrick Shirley

      It was reported. But just a short story, since there is really nothing to go on which would indicate it was a terrorist attack, or just a pissed off employee, etc. Go here, to follow the story:

      • windows r so hard

        Oh you mean like the exact same thing that happened in SC?

  • Mary W. Pond

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