Breaking! Terrorist Bombing! 14 Dead 50 Injured! Count Rising!

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A bombing has occurred within the last hour and it appears that radical Islamic terrorists are behind the bombing! So far, fourteen people are dead and fifty people are injured, but the body count is expected to rise drastically as emergency respondents are still showing up on the scene.

The bombing took place in Davao City, on the southern most island of the Philippines, Mindanao.

Former Davao City Mayor Rudy Duterte recently became the President of the Philippines. He was known nationwide for his iron fist rule. Though Mindanao is home of two major Muslim terror networks and a communist network, as well as being known as a safe haven for drug lords, these criminal elements had stayed out of Davao City due to their fear of Duterte.

One of Duterte’s first missions has been to route Abu Sayaf, one of the Muslim terrorist networks, who has sworn allegiance to ISIS, in Mindanao. He has done a great job so far in only his first few months in office. However, it looks like the Muslim terrorists have finally struck back.

The explosion took place on Roxas Boulevard, between the Marco Polo hotel, where Duterte often dined while mayor, and the University of Atenao, Davao- the most prestigious University in the Philippines.

It may appear as if the Muslim terrorists have won this round, but prepare for Duterte to fight back with all out warfare, and don’t be surprised if he does not implement Martial Law by the end of the year.

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