BREAKING: Secret Plan To Hand Jeb Bush GOP Nomination Leaks – He’s Not Gone Yet…

breaking Jeb

Wow! The GOP is willing to stoop to ANY level to make sure that the people’s wishes are not granted, and that Donald Trump does NOT secure the Republican nomination. Most people have been predicting that they will hold a ballot type election at the RNC where the delegates choose the winning candidate, despite the popular vote, and it’s been believed that they would choose Kasich as their man.

However, a new bombshell report has just come out that the GOP is planning on keeping the Bush political dynasty alive and well by giving the nomination to Jeb Bush. Gee, and just when you thought you were done with ‘ol Jeb. He’s like a bad penny. He just keeps turning back up.

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  • JR Scott

    Keep it up you dumb asses. You are about to wake a sleeping giant. The people have spoken and they expect to be heard. No one to blame but your own greedy selves. Just keep it up and set back and see.

    • Carla Cox

      I agree!
      If they ignore the will of the people all hell will break loose & it will blow up in their faces!

  • Jdub

    This will finish off the GOP as far as I am concerned, going forth all good people running for office, should run as independents!

  • Kyright

    We cannot sit back and watch on this, the final straw.