BREAKING! Saudi Arabia Launches Bomb Attacks! Could This be WW III?


You know that whole SHTF thing we’re always talking about? The blades are swinging the “S” that just hit them all over the place!

Saudi Arabia, while you were asleep in the U.S. sent war planes to bomb the Iranian Embassy in Yemen!

From the Associated Press:

Tehran (AFP) – Saudi warplanes “deliberately” struck Iran’s embassy in Yemen in an air raid that wounded staff, Tehran said Thursday, as tensions between the two regional powers mounted.

“This deliberate action by Saudi Arabia is a violation of all international conventions that protect diplomatic missions,” foreign ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari was quoted as saying by state television.

“The Saudi government is responsible for the damage caused and for the situation of members of staff who were injured,” Ansari added, without specifying when the alleged strike took place.

“The Islamic republic reserves the right to pursue its interests in this matter,” he said.

The Saudi regime recently executed a litany of prisoners, including an anti-Kingdom Sheikh who was viewed nearly prophet-like by Sunnis throughout the region and especially in Iran. Iranians then attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran, and then Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran. Now this! Things are probably going to get worse before they get better!

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