BREAKING!! Russian Nuclear Units On The Move, Non-Essential Civilians Told To Leave, Putin’s Ready To Nuke ISIS!!


In response to the purported downing of a Russian civilian airliner in the Sinai in Egypt, the Kremlin is now poised for a nuclear strike on sites controlled by the Islamic State. Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hotspots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region. The Russian military have been called up to help evacuate Russian nationals within these hotspots and have ordered non-essential civilians to leave Syria, Iraq, the Gulf states and other nations in the Arab world.

 Although Russia’s poising to use its nuclear weapons on ISIS, Russia held a secret meeting with NATO, reassuring them that Russia has no intentions on using nuclear weapons on either Georgia or the Ukraine, citing that attacking either of them would invoke a nuclear strike from NATO. Also Russia had consulted with the Syrian government as well as the governments of its allies in the region, who in turned told the Kurds and other allied militias of a possible nuclear strike, warning them to move allied civilians from areas that might be struck by Russia’s nuclear weapons.

A meeting of allied nations and Russia was held in Teheran within hours of the downing of the civilian passenger airliner in the northern Sinai- in which media reports have said that there was no in-climate reported at the time of the crash and witnesses on the ground claim a line of smoke went from the ground in the direction of the airliner before the ground to air missile hit the airliner. SITE has reported that a video purportedly made by either ISIS supporters or ISIS themselves that shows the downing of the airliner. The White House has declined to make a statement about this incident and the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons. However, the Kremlin says the use of nuclear weapons is justified to protect its citizens and its interests, namely helping to sustain the government of Bashar Al-Assad and keeping the its allies in power in Iraq and Iran, which are considered allies to Russia. Their common interest in destroying ISIS motivates them to work together.

 However, the US has stated its fears that deploying nuclear weapons near the region would spur an nuclear arms race in other nations in the region, namely Saudi Arabia and the nations within the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of Sunni Muslim nations located in the Persian Gulf region, which have aided in the creation of ISIS and continue to support it like the way they supported Iraqi insurgents during the Iraq War (2003-2011). Both the US and the UN are concerned that the conflict in the region could lead into a wider conflict, possibly a world war.
(multiple intel reports concerning the downing of the Russian civilian airliner in northern Sinai, ISIS’ purported claim of responsibility and Russia’s official response).

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Source-Clark Orwell,



  • GROFAZ1000

    Fuckin right,,nuke the ragheads……….

  • jafo

    I will believe this when I see it. Or other supporting evidence such as the removal of other nations embassy staff in the region. This stand alone piece offers an interesting view but we shall have to wait and see …

  • arcik kolko

    Destroy the monsters, enough is enough, go Russia.

  • Dolph

    Screw nuking these turds. Mustard gas the shit out of them. Then napalm what’s left. Go after their families and kill them as well including all that resemble or support these sick fucks. Too bad Russia has got to do it, we could have 38 damn years ago.

  • ipsprez

    Wish we had leadership with balls.

    • Eva


  • Juss_Mee

    Knowing our administration they will leave all our people there to be killed just like they did in Benghazi

    • Melody Radloff

      Sad but so True pray for our soldiers

  • dkbuchanon
    • Robert Huggins

      After a search on the Internet and other media sources, this turns out to be complete bullshit! The publishers of Consciously Enlightened should be ashamed of such unprofessional journalism by spreading unreliable gossip and fear mongering!!!

  • Enjoy nuking Hussein’s JV team of ISIS that Hussein and Hillary Armed and Funded from Benghazi, no problem here seeing those scum burnt to a crisp! Send their souls straight to Hell where their Allah/satan awaits his followers and sinners. Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and ISIS is Filth made Flesh as all of satan/Allah’s fecal maggots are!

  • Hal Slusher

    Well now we see what a leader does with terrorists. Pay attention Obama learn from Putin

  • yaridanjo

    Many regard ISIS as a joint operation by the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    The Russian airliner was brought down over Israel occupied territory.

    Israel nuked Syria twice during 2013 and the Saudi/Israel axis nuked Yemen once with a neutron bomb on 20 April 2015.

    We are now facing the very real possibility of a limited nuclear war in the Mideast and possible spillover onto the soil of the USA.

    The all can be laid at the feet of the USA House of Representatives and Senate as it seems like Obama has been at least trying to keep the peace.

    • andrea grima


      • yaridanjo

        Calling me names does not change the verified facts.

        Israel nuked Syria on the night of 4/5 May 2013 with an estimated 40 kt nuke about 15 miles outside of Damascus destroying two divisions, about 10,000 troops. Then again. With an estimated 1-3 kt nuke near Ohmes on 6 August 2013. Israel made an attempt to nuke Syria two more times on 3 Sep. 2013, but the USA Navy shot the missiles down presumably on Obama’s orders.

        This is both on the Internet and verifiable through active US military contacts.

        They would be the first targeted if a nuclear war should start due to our grnocidal psychopaths otherwise known as elected federal politicians.

        And this is not the worst of it.

        • Todd

          Are you smoking crack???

          • yaridanjo

            I just don’t believe in using illegal drugs.

            But I do believe in keeping informed and verifying material I find on the web that offers evidence of its viability.

            When you investigate the use of nuclear devices, you will find that
            Charleston Harbor was almost the victim of a 1 kt nuclear B61-11 bomb that was taken out of Dryas AFB without a paper trail on 3 Sep. 2013.

            Many of our treacherous senators of both parties on the foreign relations committee voted to declare war on Syria on 4 Sep. 2013. They were anticipating a nuclear 9/11 in 2013. Someone in Dryas AFB ratted on the commander and the Texas state police stopped the truck carrying the bomb. It was ligatimate cargo, so they had to let it continue, but other authorities informed a more concerned section of our government. The bomb was picked up in Charleston by members of that agency.

            BTW, even fairly low level US military people are aware of this incident.

            Our elected Senators were willing to nuke our own citizens to get us into a war with Syria for Israel. This action should let you know how expendable you are from our elected federal officials point of view.

            Nuclear weapons officers suddenly were being retired shortly after this incident.

            If you are being paid to make such a dumb statement as you have made, I hope you are not on the receiving end of an action such as I have described above. But the fericely conservative sitizens of Charleston should awaken to how their patriotic fervor is being exploited by the politicians they have elected. A US federal elected politician of either party is the lowest form of life on the planet.

        • andrea grima


          • Perry Haralambidis

            Lol ur so god dam fkinf fixated on him go marrie putin

        • andrea grima


          • yaridanjo

            I like Putin also. He has acted very restrained and kept the peace. USA elected officials have proven to be the real war mongers.

            We seem to be headed towards a major military confrontation with Russia where many of the military on both sides may be killed because our greedy politicians support Israel. And that is not the worst of it.

          • Perry Haralambidis

            Im for putin to but lets face the facts our gov isrel n others created this mess for years since 60,s our gov has toppeled good govern memts n bad for there own benifits greece perfect example they r in this state bc of us backed military coup in 67 that abolished greeces monarchy over cyprus now grrece is fked today

      • Perry Haralambidis

        U knw nothing dun comment

    • Melody Radloff

      Really are we playing for or against im for Russia

  • andrea grima

    GO ….PUTIN…!!!……

  • Alleged Comment

    The Bible says the city of Damascus was to be a “ruinous heap”. Is that time now?? That city was never destroyed so this prophecy is about to be fulfilled, possibly.

  • Get em Vlad – turn ISIS to glass!
    I wish 0bama was half the MAN Putin is!
    O wait – Barry is half a man ………

    • Perry Haralambidis

      Barry aint half my turnds from last nights dinner my friend

  • Proud_Bhakt

    Nuke them enmasse with the Tsar-Bomba!!! Let there be no terrorists taking birth from that place for another 100 years. Will be a lesson for other idiots from other nations too…

  • Gerhard Hulpertshausen

    what does it matter? bomb them out, flatten the whole middle east, pour concrete over and make a big parking lot out of it. that would solve the whole problem.

  • Larry McDonald

    Go Go GO Putin

  • John Burleson

    Don’t you just love bald guys with balls?

  • Jeff Gerou

    Anyone notice there is no date on this article?, So how true could this be, I hope it is so that ISIS gets fried like bacon and show our pansy ass so-called wanna-be leader what it means to lead & be powerful instead of bowing to this scum, of course obutthead is the leader of isis with the way he protects, funds, notifies of strikes etc.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    no nukes please, just carpet bomb the whole lot of them.

  • ORB1T4L

    If someone takes the decision to nuke those bastards, they’ll be in everyone’s debt ! Nuke the fucking inhuman sons of bitches once and for all !