BREAKING! Russia Just Moved These BEHEMOTH BEASTS To The Turkish Border To Lay Down Some SMACK!

s 400

The rest of the world should know by now that Vlad Putin is NO Hussein Obama. You kill one of his men? He kills you right back! He kills you dead!

After the cowardly Government of Turkey shot down a Russian bomber, all in an attempt to entice an attack from Russia, knowing the rest of NATO is sworn to back them, though they are so obviously backing the Muslim terrorists of ISIS and any other Muslim group that hates the West (because in essence, Turkey is a Muslim nation that hates the West), President Putin hit an “aid convoy” made up of Turks, travelling into Syria to aid the Muslim terrorists. Basically, Turkey made itself  a target and Putin is capitalizing on that target, despite any concerted efforts NATO might take. Seeing how NATO is basically a puppet of the U.S., and the U.S. has the weakest President it’s had since Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer, NATO will more than likely take NO action.

To make it safer for him to lay the smack down on Turkey if he so desires at will, Putin has ordered the s 400 anti-air defense missile systems to be placed on the border of Turkey from the Syrian side. Should Turkey send any more of their f-16’s along the border, they are probably going to get waxed!

Here are some specifics on this bad-ass defense system:

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