Breaking! Putin’s Media Czar In D.C. To Expose U.S. Gov. For Terrorism! Found Dead In Hotel Room!

found dead in hotel

Okay, this is where things get really, really weird. The guy on the right in the picture above is Mikhail Lesin. Basically, he’s one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s best friends and has been in charge of running Russian media for the past twenty years.

And he was just found dead in a hotel room in Washington D.C.!

In recent weeks, Putin has threatened to expose the U.S. Government in their role of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Many in the alternative media industry have run stories along the lines of Putin having satellite imagery showing that what was reported to the world via television and media on that fateful day is not what actually took place. Some have speculated that Putin has video of a cruise missile being launched from the Atlantic and into the Pentagon. The world’s best scientists have proven that a plane could not even have fit into the hole created in the Pentagon on September 11’th, and they have said it was more than likely a missile.

Earlier this week, Putin’s Government contacted U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to warn him of an assassination attempt on his life. The F.B.I. and the C.I.A. knew of the threat but chose not to warn Trump, and many believe it is because the powers that be within the U.S. Government, the ‘shadow Government’ if you will, are intimidated by Trump and do not want him to win the election, because they know he will not be a pawn in their game, like that little Muslim girl Hussein Obama.

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At any rate, it’s being speculated that Lesin was in D.C. to expose some of the major crimes of the U.S. Government, from attacking its own people on 9-11 to the creation of ISIS in the Middle East through his contacts in the major mainstream media outlets, and low and behold, he just “accidentally” ends up dead in a hotel room. Even the D.C. police, as of the time of this writing, are not confirming his death.

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