Breaking! Plane Bombed In Flight! Emergency Landing Made! One Dead So Far!


It seems as if the followers of the religion of peace and love and tolerance and all the other things it’s NOT is at it again! A passenger plane has been bombed in mid-flight, it is believed, blowing a hole out of the side of it, which sucked at least one passenger out, causing him to fall to his terrifying death!

The incident occurred in mid-flight above Mogadishu, a country known as a Muslim terrorist stronghold, made famous for the ‘blackhawk down’ incident back in the early 1990’s. The carrier was Daallo Airlines. The pilot of the plane says he believes it was a bomb that caused the explosion and feels fortunate that the engine was not damaged, due to where the bomb was placed, and investigators have found residue from explosives.

Below is a video shot by a passenger on the plane soon after the explosion.

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