Breaking Pics! Jade Helm “Plumbers” Arriving At Closed Walmarts!


Remember all the Walmarts that were ‘closed for plumbing?’ Well, last week we ran a story of how ‘they’ were re-enforcing the rear entrance of one of the closed Walmarts.


Now we have pictures of the ‘plumbers’ arriving!


Despite massive troop and equipment movement, we’re being told that there’s nothing to see here, and to just keep moving on.


Operation Jade Helm 15 kicks off 15 July and will run through 15 September. Prepare to sit back and watch the fireworks!

*Editor’s note: Pictures sent in from a concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. The location is Livingston, Texas.

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  • Jamie

    Overnite parking?

    • Rae

      That is possible. What are the odds though with all the hoopla on the Walmart being a military site….

  • jim

    I think the Military needs to take a “Tie Your Hummer to the Trailer coarse” who the hell throws the strap over the roof,,LOL

    • Private carrier, probably an owner operator. Driver In Command [DIC] is responsible for the load. Tie it down anyway they see fit. Looks chained down at the proper points. Straps are to keep the soft tops from flapping in the 70+ MPH breeze.

      Hey Concerned Citizen, Where are you pics of them offloading the Humvees? No ramps stowed under that trailer. It’s about a 4 foot drop off the back of that trailer.

      “a concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous” Gee I wonder why, is it because you’re a moron?

      Over the road truckers use walmart parking lots because they can get rest without having their doors pounded on by hookers like they do at every truck stop. Plus the rest areas fill up really quickly too.

    • bob

      moron the strap over the top is to keep the soft top in place.

  • Tammy

    I live here. These shots were snapped of a truck entering the parking lot. They were not delivered here. Various reports say he picked up meds at the pharmacy (which remains open), or was taking his DOT break for food and rest. Another report states that based on the serial number of the rig, it was seen, unloaded and parked on the side of hwy 59. Furthermore it was stated that these vehicles are stripped of identifying marks meaning they were decommissioned and headed for scrap or auction. Which, I do not know. leqding to the conclusion that maybe they were bought by hunters for off road use. Again, I do not know. But there has been concern by our community that sites like these should fact check a little harder so even though I am a die hard CT, I wanted to put it out there, that this could have a reasonable explanation. Lets all do our part in being vigilant and tracking back/tracing down stories so we do not look more the nutjobs than we are already assumed to be. If you want to read commentary from people who live here, there is a facebook page called Livingston Texas Craigslist – Community Discussions and also from time to time, some info on Click message board and local discussions. Thanks.

    • Paul

      I would rather be safe than sorry and dead,I don’t trust this muslim in the white house,you do what you have to do and I’ll do what I think is right and READY

  • Gary

    Doing his Walmart shopping. I park my rig there too for the same thing.

  • Peggy smith

    Yeah but there’s GOING to be something to see when those vehicles roll back off the trucks because they’re strapped across the tops and not through the wheels !!

    • danelle

      There are chains. You’ve gotta look for them. The yellow thing you can see by the tire on the front truck is a binder which holds the chain Tight. You look up under the last truck on the trailer you can see the chain.

  • Peggy smith

    Blew up the picture and didnt see any chains either that would be hooked to the rails .

    • William mills

      Peggy, look again two straps on each vehicle running through the frame. One front and one back. Clear as day in the second photo. Also a strap across the rear cargo area. Very secure. Each strap is rated 10 ton. Most trucks use straps nowadays. Easier to stow and lightweight.

    • danelle

      There is chains on them. If you look you can see the yellow binders and you can see the chains too if you know What you are looking for. Like I said, this driver is leased on to the same company I am. He was stopping to get groceries! He had no idea this Walmart was close. Lol

  • Bean Eater

    Beef and Bean, why don’t you go take a dip.

  • danelle

    I know the driver of this truck. Hes leased on to the same company I am. He was stopping to get groceries!!! He thought this Walmart was open!! Come on people! At least get your shit straight before spreading this madness!!!!