Breaking! Pentagon Admits To Paying $500 Million To Train ISIS Fighters!

ashton carter

The high ranking brass at the Pentagon thought they knew something that every lower enlisted man or woman who ever spent a day in the Middle East did not, that being, that you could “trust” the people in the Middle East.

After spending $500 million last year to train and equip “Syrian Rebels” only to see ALL of them later switch sides, taking their new skills and equipment with them, to fight for ISIS, the Department of Defense has now said they will no longer be training these “moderates” to fight on the side of the West.

No doubt Russia’s recent entrance into the War in Syria played a major role in this decision, as it would no doubt be viewed as if we were also fighting Russia by supporting the very “moderates” that Russia has been making short work of in the past couple of weeks.

It’s a shame that the U.S.’s fear of a war with Russia speaks louder to our decision makers in Washington than the U.S. citizens who fund their foolish ideas with tax dollars, or the hundreds of thousands of combat vets who have returned from the wars in the Middle East, who learned first hand the real difference between a “moderate” and an “extremist” muslim. What’s the difference? This vet will tell you, the difference is that an extremist wants to cut your head off. A moderate wants an extremist to cut your head off. That took one year in Iraq to learn, not $500 million!


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  • maxx1676

    This is why I don`t believe in our government ..They`re nothing but lying thieving scumbags that could care less about the American people.