BREAKING: Obama REFUSES To Answer Questions About THIS For The Rest Of His Term… TREASON

HA! Obama Tries To Attack Trump – Gets Hit Back With THIS

B. Hussein Obama has been the most scandalous President in American history. Whether it’s “Fast and Furious,” during which he and his crony Eric Holder gave guns to Mexican Drug cartels, the 400% rise in mass shootings during his watch, or aiding, funding and abetting our enemies of ISIS in the Syrian Civil War, you can take your pick as to which scandal tops the list of many reasons why he should have already been impeached and removed from office.

It seems Hussein Obama has gotten tired about lying about the details of Benghazi, so in proper cry baby fashion, he’s simply refusing to answer any more questions in regard to that scandal while he remains in office.

Media outlet America’s Freedom Fighters reports:

obama questions

As you might imagine, Gowdy got not a single response from Hussein Obama to ANY of his questions.

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