Breaking! Obama Orders Troops Engaged With Al Qaeda To Cease Fire And Retreat!


You know, it’s hard to win a war, or even a battle, against any enemy when your Commander at the highest level avows more allegiance to that enemy than they do to you, the soldiers fighting the war. As if our Commander in Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama, could not prove where his true allegiance lies any more than he already has, he’s gone a bit farther in doing so, by ordering troops stationed in Yemen, about to engage with Al Qaeda forces who have been tearing their way through the region, raping, killing, and pillaging, to hold fire and actually retreat to a secret location. Here’s the story from the Associated Free Press:

Aden (AFP) – US military personnel stationed at Al-Anad airbase in southern Yemen have been evacuated over security concerns, a Yemeni military source said on Saturday amid fighting involving Al-Qaeda militants nearby.

The troops left late Friday for an “unknown destination”, the military source at the Yemeni base in Lahj province told AFP.

Members of Yemen’s anti-terror units, which are trained by US forces and based at Al-Anad, have also been evacuated, the source added.

At least 29 people were killed on Friday in clashes between Yemeni security forces and gunmen who included both Al-Qaeda members and separatists, in Lahj.

Yemen has acknowledged that American personnel gathering intelligence for drone strikes on Al-Qaeda are deployed at Al-Anad.

Yemen is a key US ally, allowing it to wage a long-standing drone war on its territory against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, considered by Washington to be the most dangerous affiliate of the global jihadist organisation.


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  • Sandra Dudley

    Jesus taught his followers to pray for unbelievers, Mohammad taught his to behead them There is a big difference! Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by Christians and the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing terrorism is something new to Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they always have. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take the violent verses in the Quran, Hadith and Sharia law literally, the radical Muslims do. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of governments.

  • Alberta Houck

    Our commander is playing games with his so called war on terrorists. Just when they gain ground he orders retreat. Secondly are we looking at boots on the grounds here? He isn’t serious about ending this conflict. He’s just putting on a show to make American citizens think he’s doing something. He is a deceptive traitor to our nation, our country and to our people.

  • Frank Mitchell Sr.

    As a Veit Nam veteran i can relate to this very well.Seize fire while the peace talks are in progress,seize fire for Christmas, seize fire Tet, stop bombing for the Paris peace talks….. ??????????????