BREAKING!! Obama Gives Speech On FEMA Camps And “Prolonged Detention” Programs


obama goes after trump

We’ve known for years that Obama has been all about increasing incarceration as a means of controlling the populace, but in this speech… from SIX YEARS AGO… he lays it all out, explaining the precise plan he wishes to undertake.  I think a quick look around would be enough to tell you that he SUCCEEDED.

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  • Deborah Tullis

    Mississippi Man Anthony Hervey’s last speech RIP:

    This is a man who spoke on the Michael Brown case, but doesn’t care about our veterans enough to give proper respect to the murders in Chattanooga, he doesn’tgiive a flip about what’s going on with the Southern hard working tax payer or anything, other than his on race and agenda!

  • The Old Man

    Most people are waiting for the election to change the direction of this country however, Obama is planning to create an Executive Order to postpone the election until further notice keeping him in office indefinitely.
    His position on that is based on the fact that he feels he has not fully implemented his transformation of America. When complete the constitution will be a thing of the past and no longer functional here.
    If there is a successor, it will be an appointment.

    • Makarizo

      Yep that’s what I’ve been trying to tell people but people just laugh and say that can’t happen in America.