Breaking! Obama Friends With Pastor Shot Last Night! Tells Us He’s Coming For Our Guns!


Listen at the 2:11 mark, where he claims he was personal friends with some of those shot, including the pastor.

At 3:20 he wanes on and on about the historical significance of the church for black Americans.

At 4:40 he starts going OFF on guns- claiming guns in America are too easy to get, and that no other advanced countries do NOT have this sort of ‘mass gun violence.’

He all but says, he is coming to our homes, in person, to take our guns!

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  • The Meat Grinder

    What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

  • booth1860

    No liquor stores or drug pharmacies were harmed in the making of this movie!

  • Don

    You will not be welcome in my home, period.

  • I don’t care how many false flag shootings or how much race baiting… We’re not giving up our guns.


    has anyone noticed, when it’s a white that does the killing, the asshole starts yelling for gun control, there are days that a black driveby kills more that that one white shooter. tell you what cocksucker, i’m locked and loaded, come for my guns

  • fugleman

    That so called shooter in Privately Owned Armored Truck in Texas was not good enough….

  • greatdane

    Protect our second amendment or lose it!