BREAKING: Obama BUSTED Deleting THOUSANDS Of Docs To Protect Shocking Person, It’s NOT Hillary…

obama deletes emails to protect

Hussein Obama claimed at the beginning of his Presidency that he would have the most transparent administration in the history of our great nation.


Only the leftist liberals were gullible enough to believe him.

A breaking investigative journal report has just come out, revealing that Hussein Obama has deleted THOUSANDS of pieces of information, some of which, show that U.S. Secretary of State, John “Lurch” Kerry has MILLIONS of dollars invested in offshore, tax protected accounts.

john lurch kerry

Here’s what’s going on by way of media outlet America’s Freedom fighters:

(OGE stands for Office of Government Ethics)

obama deletes to protect 2

How’s that for transparency?

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  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    bho needs to be relieved of his duties as potus, IMMEDIATELY, by arrest and charged with fraud, treason, and obstruction of justice before he can totally destroy OUR America. Please, do not forget that he can and will declare Martial Law to remain in office. Everything he is doing at this time is leading up to a civil war in America so he can stay in the White House.