BREAKING: Obama Announces His SUPPORT Of Colin Kaepernick

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B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President of the United States, is no friend of America, and he loves to team up with other legal citizens of the U.S. who hate our country.

While in China this week, where he was humiliated by being forced to exit his plane through the ass end, and while watching the Chinese praise Russian President Vladimir Putin, while he (Obama) had to put up with the President of the Philippines, Rudy Duterte, calling him a ‘son of a whore,’ Hussein Obama buddied up with disgraced 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick by coming out and refusing to denounce him for his unwillingness to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Hussein Obama went on to defend Kaepernick, stating he was practicing his constitutional rights in disrespecting our great nation.

Obama, Duterte is right. You are a son of a whore.

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