Breaking! Not Only Is Trump Skipping The Debate! He’s Going To Make Sure No One Watches It By Doing This!


Fox News has gone too far! They have pissed off the Donald ten different ways to Sunday!

Yahoo News JUST reported that Trump has just withdrawn from Thursday night’s debate, referencing Megan Kelley’s lack of professionalism, as well as a lack of professionalism from Fox News. He spoke of how Fox was planning on making another fortune off of the debate while playing games with the issues.

However, we all know Trump will NOT be outdone. Simultaneously while the debate is airing, Trump is going to hold a live benefit to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors! So, which show do you think more Americans will watch? The debate? Or the Trump Show?


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(Want to read Fox News’ whiny little biznitch response to Trump’s withdrawal? Click on this blue paragraph!)

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  • Mike Davis

    Candidate with the most common sense! About time we get someone with character or at least is a character!! Much better than any other candidate for This particular time in USA history!! No one is perfect! looking for perfection. Then look at Jesus. But vote for Trump.