BREAKING! NFL Gives Kaepernick Worse News Of His Life!


Last week, San Francisco 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick became America’s public enemy number one by refusing to stand for the National Anthem at the beginning of a football game. He later justified his actions by claiming he doesn’t support a country that suppresses black people.

How convenient for Kaepernick to harbor such views after being born of a white woman who’d been abandoned by his black sperm donor, only to be put up for adoption and then adopted by a white couple that gave him the best upbringing any child could imagine.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally spoke out on Kaepernick’s actions and attitude, and here’s what he said, according to online tabloid Mr. Conservative:


Let’s hope Goodell decides to fine, if not ban Kaepernick.

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  • Tony Bertrand

    NFL Gives Kaepernick Worse News Of His Life!

    okay, now when the NFL does come up with some news other than an opinion the headline might be correct, but now it is no news