BREAKING NEWS!!! World War III! Eastern Europe Being Crushed Under Rain Of Russian Missiles

Russian Missiles Rain

World War III is near, friends.  NATO remains on full alert as Russia continues to push further into Eastern Europe.  With his success in Crimea and looming success in Ukraine, what can stop Putin’s hostile takeover of the rest of Europe… or even the world?  This dashcam footage clearly shows a rain of missiles on a small city in Ukraine.  For more information, look here.

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  • TONY Nemcich

    So Russia response has nothing to do with a CIA orchestrated coup that overfrows a elected government an replaces it with a NAZI or NATO,s breaking of a agreemen not to eencroach eastward after the cold war ended.Is this site for real how about being honest with your stories so you will be taken seriously by informed people.Do you remember Cuba yer what did the US do. An that was in the cold war NATO is building up on RUSSIA boarder in pease time. Now tell me again whos the aggresser

  • Dingus

    so how is this old video representing today?