Breaking News! World Bankers Busted In Foreign Exchange Manipulation Fraud!


The evil world bankers are at it again, as they always are, and the Department of Justice in the U.S. just busted them! What were they doing this time? They were manipulating foreign currency values in order to trade them and increase their profits, while the citizens of the world had no idea why the value of their dollar, their yen, their peso, their ruble, and their euro were going up and down like a roller coaster. One day they can eat steak. The next day it’s Ramon noodles!

The bankers involved were Citigroup, JP Morgan, Barclays, UBS, and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). If these names seem common, it’s not only because they are some of the largest banks in the world, but because they get busted for such fraud every other year or so. JP Morgan has been doing such schemes since the beginning of the company, way back in the day of Rockefeller and Morgan himself.

The banks were given a slap on the wrist, agreeing with such small fines for varying offenses as $150 million. They were also given waivers by the D.O.J. guaranteeing them that their crimes will not halt or stop their legal business. They were also given non-prosecution wavers.  A dozen unnamed individuals who worked for the banks have been arrested and thrown under the bus, while the corporations themselves continue moving forward, just as they always have. Three of the individuals thrown under the bus have plead guilty and the cases of the others is ongoing.

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