Breaking News! Today’s Mass Shooting In America Just Happened In…


We awaken to another day and yet another mass shooting in America. Whether you’re a second amendment rights supporter or not, you’d have to agree that the shootings in America have gotten out of control.

This most recent mass shooting took place at a party in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It seems some folks were having a backyard party when two gunmen showed up and just started firing away. Five people have been confirmed killed and many others are said to be injured.

The shooting took place in the Wilkinsburg burrow of Pittsburgh, made up mostly of lower income to moderate income people. Police found dozens of shell casings at the scene, where four of the five who were killed died on the scene, and the fifth later died in the hospital.

This particular shooting spree doesn’t fit the media’s narrative of crazy, anti-Government conservative white males committing such atrocities, so you may not hear about it in the mainstream media.  If it does make it’s way through the political correct channels of mainstream media, no doubt the guns used will be blamed, not the criminals who committed the crime, and U.S. President Hussein Obama will try to take away even more of our gun rights.

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  • Burt

    Black on Black crime, nothing new here! Wilkinsburg was once a nice neighborhood, blacks started moving in, whites moved out and the neighborhood went down hill from there. Worked there in the late 60’s and 70’s then moved out of the country. It’s now called the WAR ZONE. Black gangs, drugs, shootings etc. etc. etc.

  • I wonder if ya’ll realize that the government has been ‘trying to take our guns” for the past 16+ years; but since Bush was a republican you’ll never hear about it here.