Breaking News! Shots Fired At National Mall!


Police have recovered a gun earlier today on the National Mall.  Though the investigation is ongoing, U.S. Park Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lelani Woods says the weapon was found on a street corner.  The gunman is still at large.

“Police say a gun has been recovered following a report of a shooting inside a car on the National Mall.

U.S. Park Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lelani Woods says the gun was found on Rock Creek Parkway near the Kennedy Center following Tuesday afternoon’s shooting. The vehicle was last seen heading north on Rock Creek Parkway. Police also have recovered a hat that may have been thrown from the car.

Woods say police got a call Tuesday afternoon about a fight inside the car. When police responded to the intersection of 17th Street and Independence Avenue S.W., witnesses said a shot had been fired.

Police found broken glass at the scene, which is between the World War II Memorial and the Tidal Basin. Authorities say there’s no indication that anyone was injured.”


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  • Dennis Russell

    this group has be unwilling to give data about anything they post i would trust Obama first

  • Dennis Russell

    ver the past 6 months this group and their sister group has posted so much junk with no real proof i have shot down several of the post based on my knowledge on m,iltAry vehicle, weapons and just plain observation of what they point out with No Knowledge what they are talking about