(Breaking News) Obama Calls For Reform Against His Own Policies!


At a time when everyday drivel piddled from every nook and cranny of the internet continues to polarize even the most on-the-fence folk one way or the other in every debate, the Man himself appears at the 106th meeting of the NAACP to speak on much ado about everything.  He talks about incarceration for about ten minutes, but doesn’t say anything constructive until about 13:30 or so, where he calls for reform against policies he has enforced for eight years.  For much of the rest of this speech he takes an awful lot of time to suggest that the law disproportionately affects non-whites.  Some may argue that this is true, others might prefer to argue that non-whites also disproportionately glorify and pursue ways of life (i.e.: ‘Thug Culture’) that the law is designed to prevent, like human and drug trafficking, robbery, and other ‘blue-collar’ crimes.  Watch for yourself:


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