Breaking News…NASA Captures Video Of Massive 12K Mile Long UFO!!!

Here Is Proof Of The Massive UFO!!! This is flying above the earth. Is this The Mother-ship?

NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears!

(Before It’s News)

  • Michael James Owrey

    It’s a photo of floating spooge reflected in the ISP window!!!!!??? Astronauts know about gay rights!!!!!!!?? HA HA HA!!!!!!

  • Chaz Yasterzemski

    Flashing the script too fast to read, doesn’t look photoshopped at all, it’s really amazing that ur the only site to get pics n nobody else has been able to bring the mother ship to light, except Jim Ignatowski from Taxi. U guys should get the Pulitzer for this… Great job, PS call me I know where big foot is hiding,

  • JFC

    third phase of moon yeah sure

  • Fake.

  • bluesea

    Why did you type over the date on the last text and make 2014 be 2015?